Commoditising IT through Cloud Computing

As I was reading the article titled “Head in the cloud” on the CIO website, I couldn’t help but think we are indeed heading towards a future where IT is becoming a commodity as Cloud Computing services increase.

The example of power generation in the late 19th and early 20th century, described in the article, does ring true in some areas of IT today. How long will it take before we get to a point where businesses are comfortable in buying IT products and services without having to actually own any of the infrastructure and/or resources?Read More

This is a huge step for any business to make, especially for those well established businesses that have poured countless amounts of money and resources into building systems that give them the “edge” over their competitors.

Security, as the article correctly pointed out, is still a significant concern for CEOs and CIOs. Loss of control is another issue that many businesses will have to come to grips with. But would being on the cloud or using commoditised IT stifle innovation?

Security, Loss of control and Innovation are just three reasons as to why I believe larger, more innovative businesses won’t be in a hurry to jump on the cloud computing band-wagon.

What do you, the reader, think? Are there any other reasons why organisations will or will not move towards cloud computing and by extension to using commoditised IT? How do you think the shift towards Cloud Computing will affect the way organisations do business and innovate?

Photo by stock.xchng userĀ SteveFE.

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