2013 VIC Supply Chain & Logistics Awards

The Victorian division of the Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia is hosting the Annual Awards on the 31st of October 2013 and are calling for nominations for these awards. Nominations close on the 14th of September and can be made in the following categories:

  • VIC Industry Excellence Award
  • VIC Supply Chain Management Award
  • VIC Training, Education & Development Award
  • VIC Future Leaders Award
  • VIC Environmental Excellence Award

More details of the awards and nomination process can be found at the SCLAA Website.

Take Aways From The Small Business Big Marketing Event

smallbig200This morning I had the pleasure of attending the Small Business Big Marketing Event held by Business Victoria at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

The speaker line up was impressive with Russel Howcroft (Network Ten & Gruen Transfer), Melina Schamroth (m.a.d.woman), Steve Sammartino (Grey Group Australia) and Abigail Forsyth (KeepCup) all sharing their insights into business, brands and marketing.

Russel’s talk revolved around branding and how companies invest effort into building and keeping the brand alive. However he made an excellent point about the buyers being the heroes in a transaction. Without the buyers, the sellers have nothing of value – it’s only when a purchase is made, does that product/service and in turn the brand has a value.

Melina shared her story and how it led her to what she does today. She also shared some practical tips on how small businesses can position itself in the marketplace. The “rules I live by” that she mentioned certainly got my attention, in part because they reinforced some of what I believe in as well. These included:

  • Be passionate about what you do
  • Have confidence and be persistent
  • Set goals that would stretch yourself
  • Engage others in your journey

The Exhibition itself was a disappointment though as there were much fewer stalls that the event 2 years ago. Hopefully next year, there will be more support for this great event (and festival).

Anyone else make it to the event today? Did you pick up anything interesting?

Adaptive Consulting – 6 years old and still going strong

6 yearsIt has been 6 years since Adaptive Consulting was launched and I’m happy to report that we are still going strong. We’ve had our best year ever in terms of growth and revenue and remain excited about future prospects.

Upon reflection, I am very grateful for the wonderful opportunities that have come our way during this period and to have been an integral part of many successful projects. Personally, I’ve had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects such as helping with the setup of an Associate Degree Program for students in rural Victoria, helping improve efficiencies within Australia’s booming supply chain network, to something as simple as but still very rewarding experience of helping small businesses develop their IT Strategies.

As a team, we’ve been involved in some exciting transformation programs in the Logistics & Insurance industries. We’ve also had the priviledge of collaborating with some amazing people from companies such as Ergo ConsultingPhoenix ConsultingOmnific Design & Bluehands.

We’ve been fortunate to have worked with organisations in Finance, Insurance, Education, Government, Food & Beverage, Retail, Medical, Sports, Manufacturing, Stevedoring & Logistics industries in these past 6 years.

One of the key points I’ve seen reinforced during these 6 years is that we need to keep maintaining very high standards no matter what we are working on. It is those people that are positively impacted by our work who have been recommending new projects or clients to us.

We’d like to thank all our clients as well as our contacts who have helped Adaptive Consulting be where it is today and we look forward to continue working with you on more exciting projects in the years to come.

- Roshan, on behalf of the the team at Adaptive Consulting