Working in the Cloud

cloudcomputingI’ve been asked a few times recently about using Cloud based services for businesses. Personally, I am a big fan of it, especially as it helps me “travel light” and not have to have all my applications installed on every device I have. It also means I can run my business from anywhere I choose to, as long as I have connectivity to the internet – Yes, connectivity to the internet is the key!

Some examples of how we use Cloud-based services at Adaptive Consulting are described below.

Accounting Software (Xero)

We’ve been using Xero for nearly two years to run our business. For a small business, it has all the tools you need to make managing the business a lot simpler. Given Xero is a relatively new product (compared to applications such as MYOB), it’s got a few loose ends as well.

Note Taking and Research Platform (Evernote)

I’ve been using Evernote for a few years but have extended it’s use to Adaptive Consulting since the start of this year. Not only has Evernote made all the business documents easily accessible to me on the go, it’s also given me a very simple way of taking notes and saving and sharing our research and ideas.

File/Document Storage (Dropbox)

There are a few choices on this front – Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud & SkyDrive seem to get the most attention. We use Dropbox to store our files and also to share them with our partners who don’t use Evernote.

Project Management Software (CorePM)

We came across CorePM last year and have been progressively moving our clients’ projects onto it as the opportunity arises. We like CorePM for it’s easy to use interface and strong ties to the PRINCE2 framework which we adapt to our projects.

Mind Mapping Software (Mindjet)

Mindjet is an application I came across a few years back and have been using it for personal and business projects for a while. Now that maps can be stored online, on a cloud application, and shared with others for collaboration, mind mapping becomes even more enjoyable for me.

These are some of the Cloud based applications we use at Adaptive Consulting. Do you use cloud based services in your own businesses and if so what do you use and how?

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