Going from Digital to Paper

digital_to_paper_200xA couple of days ago I saw a medical practitioner for a regular treatment of my back. During the conversation he mentioned that they were dumping their software application and going back to paper based record keeping. He also mentioned that the professional association he and his colleagues belonged to actually recommends that paper records be kept!

This really surprised me. Firstly, in this day and age, all medical practitioners use electronic record keeping of their patient details and patient notes. Why would ANY professional body advice against using a software application? I am no legal person but there is greater protection for collecting and storing information in digital form than ever before.

Secondly, these same practitioners had a nasty fire last year where they lost a lot of their belongings. Given the losses and the insurance challenges they’ve had, collecting more paper is probably the one direction they should avoid taking!

Given that I’ve been working in the space of Document Management & Electronic Record Keeping as well as being an advocate for going paperless, I couldn’t help myself but try to convince him that it wasn’t a great idea in the long term. It appeared that he and his colleagues had already made up their minds.

 The Public Record Office Victoria website provides some guidelines on retention and disposal of documents for anyone who is interested.

Have you experienced similar situations where businesses are so fed up with their software applications that they would rather go back to paper? Let me know if you have any advice I can pass on.

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