The Origins of my Passion for the Logistics Industry

logistics_passion_200pxI recently came across a set of notes that I received from a workshop which I attended in 1999, whilst working in the UK. The notes were titled “Transport Planning Workshop”, and I immediately realised that my passion for all things logistics originated from this one session. The instructor was a brilliant colleague of mine, I was working for a great company at the time and was surrounded by some incredible people who knew a lot about the industry. The information that this workshop taught me triggered an interest, created a passion, helped me carve a niche area of expertise and got me involved in an industry which I have been enjoying working in ever since.

Seeing these notes again made me realise how much I’ve grown and matured since those early days and the difference I have hopefully made to a number of businesses that I have been fortunate to work with since then.

Have you had a similar “aha” moment in your career which has since defined or led you down a particular path, and what was it?