What I love about Evernote

EvernoteI’ve been earning a reputation as an Evernote “Junkie” lately due to my constant use and sometimes overuse (if there is such a thing) of Evernote.

Rather than describe what Evernote is, I thought I’ll share what I actually love about the product and how it helps me in a practical way.

Tagging Notes

Every note can be tagged and filed away with useful terms, that not only aid organisation but also searching. I tag note with information such as what a document is about (invoice, receipt, letter, etc), who it is from (supplier name for invoices, doctor’s name for medical receipts), the type of expense if it’s a receipt, the name of the project or client if it is work related, and so on.

The beauty of tags is that it can be anything as long as it makes sense to you and you can use as many tags as is practical.

Searching Notes

The most useful functionality as far I’m concerned is the ability to search through all notes inside Evernote. As I understand Evernote indexes all the text it can find/read, making searches a breeze. Premium users can also search through PDF text, be it from a converted document or a scanned document.

Editing Notes

Evernote has become my default note taking and editing platform. I write most things in Evernote and if it’s something I want to send out, I email it from Evernote or copy it to another medium. Examples include this blog post which I drafted using Evernote.


The ability to create shortcuts to notebooks, tags, notes or even search criteria means that you don’t have to repeatedly keep looking for the same thing. I only have a few shortcut items but these are things that I refer to atleast once a day, if not more frequent. These include, the current project I’m working on, my “follow up” tag, and my “inbox”.

Multi-Platform Capability

The fact that Evernote works very well across multiple platforms and devices is a blessing. I no longer need to carry a laptop or even a tablet around as all my notes are accessible via my phone, with all the same capabilities.


It does take a bit of investment in terms of time to tag notes and file them in different notebooks, but that’s just what works for me. You could simply have one notebook, and let everything collect in there without putting any additional effort and still get the same benefits. I just like things being organised.

If you haven’t tried it already, I encourage you to go sign up and start using Evernote straight-away. It’s uses are limitless!