What type of Careerist are you?


I hadn’t come across the term careerist until I read the HBR article Know What Kind of Careerist You Are, and I had to look up the definition for it. Most definitions imply it is a very selfish thing to be a careerist, and it puts career before anything else.

The HBR article on the other hand paints a slightly different, and in my opinion, a more realistic picture of what this term means.

Having glanced through the various types careerists, I can identify myself going through a couple of these to get my current state, hence my reference to them as stages. Getting High and Getting Ahead were two stages of my career that I have been through and can relate to very well.

Having been through the above stages, and with my priorities having shifted over the years, I am now firmly settled on Getting Balanced. Yes, I value family more than career and won’t ever hesitate to make a call when it comes to that.

But that’s just me… what about you? Where do you see yourself on this list?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and whether like me, you’ve found yourself transitioning through different types through the years.

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