A simple solution for slow over rates in test cricket – play more!

Test Cricket

With glorious test cricket back after a glut of ODIs and T20 games, there is an ongoing debate around the slow over rates in test cricket and how the issue should be addressed. However, as a spectator I feel short changed.

Yes, let’s insist on teams bowling their minimum overs number of overs in a day. And since there is the option to extend play by up to 30 minutes extra at the end of each day, why not just make a normal day of test cricket last 30 minutes longer? It’s not as if everyone shuts shop and goes home after 6 hours of play anymore. With the exception of games in the sub-continent and in the Caribbean where spinners play a huge role, most games call for the extra time available.. so let’s just use it!

5 reasons your organisation should have clean data

Questions about the FactsMany organisations constantly live with data issues, justifying it on the basis of “this is how things have always been” or “it’s too hard to fix the problem”. On the other hand, by doing a few simple things to resolve these issues, they can benefit much more.

Below are five reasons why every organisation should strive to have clean data in their systems:

1. Enhanced Decision Making

All your decisions will be based on accurate information, and not guesswork. And your decision making will be quicker, as you are not waiting for the data to be “fixed” before you receive it.

2. Improved Cooperation with your partners

You can confidently share information with your clients and suppliers, knowing it is correct. This is turn will improve the trust and cooperation between your organisation and it’s partners.

3. Saves Time & Money

You’ll spend less time fixing up issues in your reporting, budgeting, planning, schedules, etc., and in turn save money. Staff can be doing the higher value activities rather than fixing up data problems.

4. Improved staff morale

Your staff will feel less stressed and not be frustrated by having to deal with incorrect information, or having to fix up mistakes caused by poor quality data.

and finally, avoid the stick…

5. Keeps you out of trouble

As you aren’t misrepresenting facts and figures to your board, investors and regulatory authorities, you won’t get yourself or your organisation into a pickle.


High Country Harvest Festival in Bright

My wife and I enjoyed visiting the township of Bright in the Alpine Valley region of Victoria so much so that we decided a 3rd trip in 12 months was in order.

This time though, our main aim was to attend the cooking classes run by Patrizia Simone, the owner of Simone’s Restaurant in Bright. The class coincided with High Country Harvest Festival for 2014.

The class was on Saturday 17th May, and a group of 11 met at the kitchen and headed off to a local pine plantation to forage for mushrooms. With Patrizia and her mushroom expert guiding he group, we collected several baskets full of pine mushrooms and the occasional slippery jack.

The next stop was a chestnut farm in Wandiligong where we collected heaps of chestnuts and sore fingers. As much as I enjoyed the forging for chestnuts, the Autumn colours of the trees in the plantation got my attention, as you could see in my other post titled Colourful Bright.

Once we got back to the kitchen, we started our classes by preparing a duck saltimbocca, followed by making pasta from scratch – my first time ever, and then making a quince crostata for dessert. After preparing the food, we then proceeded to watch as Patrizia showed us her cooking techniques.

Lunch was served at a long table, where we all enjoyed the food and company, just like a massive Italian family feast.

The second day was a long lunch at the restaurant where we were looked after by Patrizia, George and their staff who served an amazing meal. We were fortunate to sit through lunch with a few of our new friends from the cooking class. The beauty of an event such as this was the new friends and connections we were able to make, on top of learning cooking techniques from an expert.

Besides the cooking classes and big lunch, we also managed to sneak in a multi-course dinner at Tani Eat & Drink, where the food was still pretty impressive.

Having an opportunity to catch up with new (and old) friends, enjoy the amazing Autumn colours, take time to relax and catch up on reading was a fantastic way to spend a weekend.