Pain and Leadership

pain chartHaving spent a bit of time hanging around in hospitals lately, I’ve come to appreciate the pain chart on the left.

This chart tells the doctors and nurses the level of discomfort a patient is in, and they can decide what can be done to ease the pain and whether the treatment strategy needs to be reviewed accordingly.

What if in an office environment, everyone is given a similar pain chart which charts out the level of pain or frustration they feel in simply trying to do their jobs.  Pain points in a working environment could be someone being difficult, a lack of resources, or simply being overwhelmed by unreasonable expectations and the like.

The more pain there is, the less productive staff are likely to be as they will be fighting the pain instead of doing the actual work.

What if leaders focus on eliminating these pain points? Wouldn’t it simply pave the way to greater productivity?

Bring on the pain charts to the office environment I say!